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Fresh From The Ocean's Embrace

Unveil the true taste of the sea with Nalitha’s sustainably sourced, meticulously processed, and exquisitely flavoured seafood. Our commitment to quality and sustainability elevates every dish, honouring the craft of discerning chefs and the gourmet aspirations of world-class restaurants.

Our Products

We’re proud to offer a full array of seafood products.


We’re proud to offer a full array of seafood products.

West coast rock lobster

Jasus lalandii

Nalitha Fishing catches and exports live West Coast Rock Lobster. It provides holding and packing facilities for third parties and occasionally processes rock lobster tails for the local market.


Thunnus alalunga and Thunnus albacares

Nalitha Fishing catches and trades yellowfin and longfin tuna on the international market, and processes tuna for the local market.


Thyrsites atun

Nalitha Fishing processes and packs mild-cured snoek for the local market.

Cape hake

Merluccius paradoxus and Merluccius capensis

Nalitha Fishing catches, packs and exports prime quality (PQ) fresh hake, and fresh and frozen headed and gutted (H&G) hake for local and international markets.

Certified Level One BBBEE

Our Story

Nalitha Fishing Group is a certified Level One BBBEE fishing company with interests in the hake deep-sea trawl, hake longline, tuna pole and west coast rock lobster fisheries. 

​Based in Hout Bay harbour, Nalitha Fishing operates a fleet of fishing vessels and the HACCP-accredited Sentinel Seafoods fish processing facility. The company is led by a highly experienced and dynamic team which is excited to be growing the Nalitha brand and expanding its customer base in Europe, China, the United States and Japan, as well as at home in South Africa. 

Nalitha’s sea-going crews and fish factory workers are highly skilled in the handling, processing and packaging of hake, tuna, rock lobster, snoek and other types of fish. Nalitha Fishing provides a professional and convenient fish processing, packaging and marketing service to third party fishing companies.

international marketing

Benguela Tuna is Nalitha Fishing’s international marketing arm. The company is highly skilled and experienced in the grading and export of tuna and offers its expertise to third party fishing companies.

Customers Reviews

Switched to Nalitha's seafood and our fish burgers are now the talk of the town! Juicy patties, fab flavours – our customers can't get enough. You guys rock the boat in all the right ways!"
Finding a supplier that matches our commitment to quality and sustainability was a challenge until we discovered Nalitha. Their fish is consistently fresh, flavoursome, and of outstanding quality.
Their customer service is amazing, friendly staff always willing to help, their product is nice and very high quality, definitely going back for more.

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